Jackie tells how she will drive over 50 miles to buy our product. This was before our website went up. We love you Jackie! (click the link below to hear the call)

I will drive 50 miles for your perfumed candles

Rachael Tiffany Yarbrough Compton

Rachael Tiffany Yarbrough Compton

“Thank You Virginia Anderson…I finally got to meet you today. The candles are absolutely AMAZING!!! Lit up the Mardi Gras one as soon as I got home & my house is so pleasantly fragrant….not overwhelming. What a treat to for me to spend some time with both of you today. Have a GREAT show in Mobile, AL”

“Love, love, love Virginia Anderson candles. I haven’t found anyone close in quality.”

Shannon Maschka-Garcia Shannon Maschka-Garcia

“These are truly the best candles you can find! I only light mine when I want to impress someone…..not just anybody gets to enjoy the fragrance of a VA candle! ;-)

Your candles are superior…. I love them!! OUTSTANDING scent quality and lasting power.

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